The rules of life

By roberto sayas December 21st, 2016

For some time now, and I think I’m not the only one, I’ve been thinking about finding a solution to the problems in our country; where as a society longtime ago common sense, courtesy and order go unnoticed, and where uncertainty, anarchy and chaos make daily life, turning the days into a kind of obstacles course, where we need to bet on “Creole” creativity and on the ability to successfully navigate through the barriers we face each day.

To tell the truth, whoever I asked about which is the solution of our issues as a country? Nobody knows how to give me a good answer, since it is a too complicated problem, with many edges. There were some more practical ones who dared to say, we must replace the president, or replace the congress, and many other things; however, if we hear the government speech we are living in a sum of crisis, crisis of values, family crisis, economic crisis, toilet paper crisis, and of course, the world crisis, and the imperial economic war crisis. We have lived so many crises, that if we go to another country, we would not know how to live in, because we would need a crisis to feel at home.

Recently, I was reviewing an old book written by a well-known author. He said that when he was at his best as a motivator and leadership author, his youngest son was born without ears, without the natural ability to hear, and he would be different from all other children, unable to have a normal life, not to be able to express himself and be deaf forever. To make the story short, the boy eventually became a normal, capable, successful businessman in the hearing device industry, owner of several patents, where he offers the opportunity to help people unlucky as he was, to change its life through the equipment he offered.

It is a happy ending, for a very difficult beginning; however what I want to highlight is the following Ralph Waldo Emerson thought, which the author quoted in his book, and which synthesizes an alternative for such a remarkable achievement, "The whole course of things goes to teach us faith. We need only obey. There is guidance for each of us, and by lowly listening we shall hear the right word.... "

After reflecting a few moments on such affirmation, and consenting the idea that our destiny is shown before us to prove the Faith that we have, since when we are faced with a difficult situation we usually get the best of ourselves, I decided to investigate the origin of the word. To my surprise in both English and Spanish, the origin of the word comes from the Latin fidere, which means loyalty. Then I thought, loyal, but loyal to whom? To God, to ourselves, to our families, to our convictions ... to our spirit, to our conscience?

But my research was not finished, I also looked for the origin of the word Right, which in old English means Just, and that comes from the Latin word iustus that means LAW, in the affirmation we are analyzing means that we should hear the law. However, the word Law comes from the Latin LEX that referred to the formula or rule to mix the metals, especially reference to the amount of gold that the Roman coins had. Likewise, its genitive LEGIS, means to choose, and from there are derived words like intelligence.

In synthesis, if we are faithful we will hear the law, and It can be translated as, If we are loyal we will obey the rules. That in our daily lives seems to be omitted, at least in our country. And where I think that we all know that many of the problems we face as a society is to want to obviate the laws, as well as the absence of public bodies that enforce them.

Thinking about Why we must be loyal, is very clear, where there is disorder and anarchy, there can be no development, or progress.

Continuing with the analysis of the statement, it has an interesting part, it tells us about a course or path to perform in this journey called life; If we take this to a higher plane, our path would be traced before coming to this existence, and we should be attentive to the signals, indicators, to hear the rule or laws that indicate the road; Is like when we are on the way to a particular destination, and we are attentive to the exit warnings to reach our destination, except that many times by the different occupations that we have, we don´t pay the attention to it.

Jesus Christ, in John 14, said to his apostles, "I assure you that he who trusts in me will do the same as I do. And as I go to where my father is, you will do even greater things than I have done. In this way I will make people see through me the power that the Father has. I will do as you ask me. "

The next question would be, What for we should hear the right word? I believe that the answer would be to elevate our conscience, in order to approach the divinity presence within ourselves, and with humility, perseverance and love, allow God to manifest through our actions, becoming the light that guides our families, societies and country.

It brings us to how, How can we obey the law? To demonstrate that Faith lives within us, we must act with Faith, that is, demonstrate through correspondence worthy acts; If we do an act of kindness we will generate an act of kindness; If we do an act of collaboration we will generate an act of collaboration, to a love act will correspond another similar, and thus we can continue for each of the virtues, such as respect, responsibility, tolerance, patience, fraternity, among others; In this way, we will demonstrate that we are able to be governed by the attitudes that improve our condition of human being, and that allow us to approach to God by our actions.

"The whole course of things goes to teach us faith. We need only obey. There is guidance for each of us, and by lowly listening we shall hear the right word." Ralph Waldo Emerson

To conclude, when we frame our actions within awareness of virtues, values and principles, we become a generator of gratitude. That is that, who can be less grateful than the one who has received an act of collaboration, help, responsibility, or respect? A grateful heart is filled with the joy of the Lord, full of tranquility, peace and joy. So, this message becomes a call to live under the rules that dignify us as a human being.

The solution to the situation we are facing goes through the conscience and actions of each of us, only when we rescue the virtues, principles and values, we will recover the country we deserve, if we were all worthy, by correspondence, we would have dignified leaders that command our country.

It is my desire on these special days, to thank everyone that have contributed to our life in this year; I hope you can hear the rules to be loyal to a conscience of good and thankfulness, where your love ones have health, that you have the strength to dare to give your best in each thing you do, and enjoy your Family company, for the welfare of our society and our country that needs it so much.

To all with love, consideration and respect.

Roberto Sayas.

December 2016.



Jenne leon

5 June 2016, Sunday

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Jenne leon

4 June 2016, Saturday

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